Trucker fights deportation after police checked his Log book


Published by iTrucker at 26 May

Trucker fights deportation after police checked his Log book

“A mechanical engineering student who supported himself by driving a truck faces deportation from Canada to India for working more hours than his study permit allowed”.- According to the article in and its author Nate Tabak

“Jobandeep Sandhu was pulled over during a routine traffic stop on Highway 401 between Montreal and Toronto in 2017. But upon examining his log book, a police officer discovered that he had worked more than 20 hours – above the weekly limit under his permit to study in Canada”. – Tabak also wrote

Read the full story HERE

Source and credits: freightwaves.comNate Tabak, Canada Correspondent


  1. Dawn Crowley says:

    Trucker fights deportation after police caught him breaking the law

    There. I fixed that title for iTrucker.

  2. Jacob Lee Barnwell says:

    He was here on a student visa not a work visa that’s why he was only allowed to work 20 hrs. Some student visas don’t let u work at all.

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