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Starting 15$ /per filing

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Support: ifta@www.itrucker.com

Call us @ (877) 604 – 2234

Support: 408-900-9425

Spanish Support: 224-215-5888

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iTrucker IFTA is the most affordable online fuel tax filing software. Choose the appropriate pricing model which works for you.

1 Truck$15
2 – 10 Trucks$25
11 – 25 Trucks$50
Above 26 Trucks$100
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About iTrucker IFTA

iTrucker IFTA is online powerful software used to calculate your mileage and fuel details and to prepare IFTA report accurately for each quarter. iTrucker IFTA performs calculation based on your mileage and fuel data provided by you. At the end, you can generate the report and submit to your base jurisdiction.


Features & Benefits of Filing IFTA with iTrucker IFTA


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