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File your 2290 HVUT TAX now…

Starting 8.99$ /per filing

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Support: support2290@www.itrucker.com

Call us @ (877) 604 – 2234

Support: 408-900-9425

Spanish Support: 224-215-5888

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iTrucker 2290 PRICING

iTrucker 2290 charges a minimal amount as the service fee. Please make the necessary payment to complete the filing process and to transmit the prepared return to the IRS.

2290 FilingsPricing
Single Vehicle / Owner Operator$8.99
2 Vehicles$10.99
3 Vehicles$12.99
4 Vehicles$14.99
5 Vehicles$16.99
6 Vehicles$18.99
7-49 Vehicles / Small Fleet$29.99
50 – 100 Vehicles / Medium Fleet$59.99
Above 100 Vehicles / Large Fleet$149.99
Other FilingsPricing
Form 8849 (Sch.6 Other Claims)$19.95
Form 2290 Amendment (Taxable Gross Weight Increase + Mileage Exceeded)$19.95
VIN CorrectionFREE

File your 2290 HVUT TAX now…

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File your 2290 HVUT TAX now…

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About iTrucker 2290

iTrucker 2290 is online powerful software used to making tax 2290 filing simple for our valued clients. iTrucker 2290 now can offer you the most simple, affordable, time conservative E-filing tax 2290 service on the web!.


iTrucker 2290 Key Services


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