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MISSION: Connecting “Old School Trucking” with New Digital Transportation World Through Social Media and Technology.

VISION: Transforming Trucking 


iTrucker is one of the fastest-growing and most engaging trucking, logistics, and supply chain-related online communities. We bring the latest news and access to the latest technologies to the trucking world. iTrucker is here to help you adapt to the digital trucking world while you continue to enjoy the traditional way of trucking life! Our platform will help you improve your everyday life on the road, making it much more comfortable and safer!

Our team is dedicated to our audience by building a community around resourcefulness and inclusion, which has differentiated us significantly from the others in the industry. Our followers’ members are a very loyal community of truck drivers, owner-operators, small and larger fleet owners, and all kinds of trucking and transportation-related businesses. While the majority of our core audience is in the US, we also have group members and followers from all over the world. iTrucker is becoming a known brand in the trucking and supply chain industry. We are the “coolest kid on the block.” Our Facebook group “Truckers of Past, Present, and Future is one of the fastest-growing trucking-related groups online.

Our strength is in our engagement with both worlds, “old school trucking” and “new digital trucking industry.” We are considering ourselves as a bridge connecting the old and new trucking world. We are indeed the first one-stop-shop marketplace for the transportation industry! We are partnering with the best in the supply chain, trucking, and the tech industry to deliver services or technologies you will need either now or in the future of your journey trough trucking life!

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