What drivers and fleets need to know about the drug and alcohol clearinghouse

“Many trucking companies refuse to hire a truck driver with a positive drug or alcohol test in their past, while others may allow a positive test if it is far enough removed from current service. Drug and alcohol testing is such a red herring for fleets and their insurers, though, that drivers will do anything they can to get around the testing and avoid any hint of past use.” – According to article in freightwaves.com and its author Brian Straight

Straight also wrote – “That is why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has taken steps to eliminate the most common trick employed by drivers to get a job – fail a pre-employment screening test at one fleet and quickly go to another fleet for a job before that failed test shows up on their record, a process that can currently take weeks or even months.”

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Source and credits : freightwaves.comBrian Straight


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