Hydrogen trucks to get road-tested in Canada’s oil country

“Two tractor-trailers powered by hydrogen electric fuel cells will hit the highways of Alberta in a pilot program to test the viability of doing heavy-hauls over long distances in the western Canadian province”. – According to article in freightwaves.com and its author Nate Tabak

Tabak also wrote – “Freightliner trucks outfitted with three 70 kilowatt Ballard Power Systems (TSX: BLDP) fuel cells will be able to travel up to 430 miles between battery recharges. The 64-metric ton b-train tractor trailers will enter service with Alberta-based carriers Bison Transport and Trimac Transportation, as part of the Alberta Zero-Emissions Truck Electrification Collaboration (AZETEC.) ”

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Source and credits : freightwaves.com /  Nate Tabak, Canada Correspondent


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