Automation in trucking is inevitable but will not displace driver jobs

Many industry thought leaders refuse to buy into the prospect of truck drivers being displaced entirely; they contend that automation could never mature to a level […]

Snow, bitter cold prompt expansion of HOS suspensions in Midwest, Northeast

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has expanded its regional emergency declaration from Jan. 18 to now include 22 states ahead of a winter storm expected to impact […]

Waiting to load means danger on the road

Driver detention has been causing headaches and lost wages for years, but the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate has shone a spotlight on the issue like […]

I-81 toll legislation introduced; ATA threatens lawsuit

Identical bills were introduced in the Virginia House and Senate that would establish tolls on I-81 through the state. Truckers would pay a maximum of $55.25 […]

Converting from an AOBRD to ELD: What you need to know

Drivers and carriers can start taking steps now to ease any potential pain. It starts by identifying whether you have an AOBRD installed and whether you […]

Senate GOP Introduce Concealed-Carry Reciprocity Bill

For truck drivers with concealed carry permits, the bill would make it easier to determine which states would or would not honor their permits. A bill […]

Trucking Law: Can you refuse to drive in poor weather?

The Trucking Law segment is a new monthly feature on Overdrive, in which we pose commonly asked questions from truckers and owner-operators to legal experts. In this […]

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Hundreds of truckers ticketed for violating weather-related commercial vehicle ban

Pennsylvania police say that they issued hundreds of citations to truck drivers who violated the commercial vehicle travel ban this weekend — in spite of the […]