CBP Seized almost 8 Thousand Pounds of Marijuana Hidden in a Tractor-Trailer full of Jalapeno Peppers


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CBP Seized almost 8 Thousand Pounds of Marijuana Hidden in a Tractor-Trailer full of Jalapeno Peppers

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SAN DIEGO – CBP officers assigned to the Otay Mesa cargo facility seized almost four tons of marijuana yesterday co-mingled in a shipment of jalapeño peppers, valued at $2.3 million

“I am proud of the officers for seizing this significant marijuana load,” said Otay Mesa Port Director, Rosa Hernandez.  “Not only did they prevent the drugs from reaching our community, they also prevented millions of dollars of potential profit from making it into the hands of  a transnational criminal organization.”

On Aug. 15, at about 6:15 p.m. a 37-year-old male Mexican citizen entered the port of entry driving a tractor pulling a trailer with cargo manifested as jalapeño peppers.  The CBP officer subsequently referred the truck to secondary.

Hunders of packages of marijuana were pulled from a shipment of
CBP officers pulled hundreds of
packages of marijuana from boxes
of jalapeño peppers.


When the conveyance arrived at the dock, a canine team roving the area alerted to the palletized shipment of peppers.  CBP officers probed the shipment and discovered a leafy-green like substance that field-tested positive for the properties of marijuana.

CBP officers extracted 314 large wrapped packages of marijuana co-mingled within the shipment of jalapeño peppers, weighing 7,560 pounds. CBP seized the truck and marijuana.

 This interdiction follows a 10,642-pound marijuana seizure in a shipment of plastic auto parts that occurred on Aug. 13 at the cargo facility.

CBP officers at the border crossings in Southern California routinely stop illegal activity, while processing millions of legitimate travelers into the United States.  Those statistics can be found here: CBP-enforcement-statistics 

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Source and credits: cbp.gov /Press Officer: Ralph DeSio

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