Cell phone-based freight tracking is dead


Published by iTrucker at 14 Feb

Cell phone-based freight tracking is dead

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As visibility into shipments become increasingly relevant, track and trace solutions now play a vital role in the transportation and logistics industries, helping fleets automate real-time location tracking of shipments. Cellphone-based tracking has been one of the easiest ways to do this, because companies are not required to set up extensive infrastructure to monitor freight movement.

However, due to recent government scrutiny, cell phone pinging would be disabled by the major telecom service providers in the upcoming month, which is a cause for concern among fleets that rely entirely on app-less mobile signal tracking. “Sprint and AT&T have already stopped sharing location data, with T-Mobile announcing that it will stop sharing by the end of March. I believe Verizon will follow suit shortly thereafter,” said Jason Traff, president and co-founder of Shipwell.

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