Hurricane Dorian still lashing the Bahamas slowly moving north


Published by iTrucker at 03 Sep

Hurricane Dorian still lashing the Bahamas slowly moving north

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Barely moving Hurricane Dorian is still lashing the Bahamas while drifting out towards Florida. With a pace, about one mile per hour is very slowly moving away from the Bahamas and northwesterly towards Florida Eastern coastline.

Downgraded to category 3 Hurricane Dorian is a still severe threat to the Eastern States including Florida, Georgia, and Carolinas.

While a wind temporary slows down to 120 miles per hour, it will pick up to around 160 MPH later on today, as it will move to the open sea. – According to the data from SONAR.

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Source and credits:SONAR /  iTrucker  / Mario Pawlowski  

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