Lab-grown meat will make a chunk of ag-sector obsolete, eliminating need for cattle transport


Published by iTrucker at 01 Oct

Lab-grown meat will make a chunk of ag-sector obsolete, eliminating need for cattle transport

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Story by: Vishnu Rajamanickam, Staff Writer @

Growing investment and consumer interest in laboratory-grown meat will change the dynamics of the meat industry, said RethinkX in its food and agriculture report. It expects the industrial animal farming segment to shrink by 50% by 2030. RethinkX is an independent think tank that works on analyzing and forecasting the extent of technology-driven disruption and its societal implications on consumer-facing industries.

“The cost of proteins will be five times cheaper by 2030 and 10 times cheaper by 2035 than existing animal proteins, before ultimately approaching the cost of sugar,” said the report. “The impact of this disruption on industrial animal farming will be profound. By 2030, the number of cows in the U.S. will have fallen by 50% and the cattle farming industry will be all but bankrupt.”

Food-as-software, as it is called, will cast a long shadow on the livestock ecosystem because it will remove the need for rearing animals and the necessity for cultivating animal feed across several million acres of land. RethinkX puts forth the argument of disruption not just for the meat industry but for allied segments like the milk industry.

Lab-grown meat would allow production houses to move much closer to its consumers, which will drastically reduce the need for hauling meat across thousands of miles to its destination. 

Ultimately, the prices of food brought in through the new production system will be “more stable and resilient” compared to farm-produced food, as lab-grown meat will be sheltered from supply and price volatility issues that arise due to seasonality, climate change, and other economic and political obstacles. According to the article from the and its author Vishnu Rajamanickam

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