McLane subsidiary exempted from HOS 30-minute rest rule


Published by iTrucker at 27 Aug

McLane subsidiary exempted from HOS 30-minute rest rule

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Approximately 3,580 drivers working for McLane subsidiary Transco Inc. will be exempt from the federal government’s 30-minute rest break rule.- According to the article from the and its author John Gallagher

“The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) granted the exemption because Transco, whose drivers make wholesale deliveries to grocery and convenience stores, was able to show that it will likely achieve a level of safety “equivalent to or greater than” safety levels achieved without it.

“For the typical long-haul [commercial motor vehicle] driver, the 30-minute rest break serves as an opportunity to break the monotony of driving and relieve some of the stress of continuous driving, but Transco’s drivers currently have breaks, which include physical exercise, several times each day,” the agency stated in its ruling, published on August 27. Instead, the exemption will allow Transco drivers to comply with the 30-minute rest break requirement while performing on-duty, non-driving tasks.” – Gallagher also wrote in his article.

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Source and credits: / John Gallagher, Washington Correspondent and iTrucker  / Mario Pawlowski



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