One week remaining to comment on pilot program for under-21 interstate truckers


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One week remaining to comment on pilot program for under-21 interstate truckers

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“A proposal to expand the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s pilot program for CDL holders under the age of 21 to operate in interstate operations is open for comments for one more week through July 15.” – According to the article in and its author 

“FMCSA says its request for public comments is to help it determine if it should propose the pilot program and, if so, what the parameters of the program should be. Some of the main topics the agency is seeking information on include:

  • Available data on the safety performance of under-21 intrastate truckers
  • Concerns over insuring under-21 drivers for both intrastate and interstate commerce
  • What minimum training should be required for drivers in the pilot program?
  • What kind of supervision should be required?
  • Should there be training requirements for mentors, supervisors or co-drivers of under-21 truckers in the program?
  • Should participating carriers be required to establish a formal apprenticeship program?
  • Should there be time or distance restrictions on younger drivers?
  • Should younger drivers be prohibited from hauling hazmat and oversize/overweight?
  • What standards should carriers and drivers have to meet to participate in the pilot?
  • What should happen if drivers in the pilot are convicted of violations while operating interstate?
  • At what point should a driver or carrier be removed from the program?
  • Should FMCSA require safety equipment or on-board recording systems in the pilot?

A full list of questions FMCSA is seeking comments on can be found in theFederal Register document, which will be published Wednesday. Comments can be filed here through July 15.”Cole also wrote in his article.

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