Proposed Hours of Service changes are finally here


Published by iTrucker at 14 Aug

Proposed Hours of Service changes are finally here

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“The U.S. DOT has officially announced proposed changes to federal hours of service regulations for truck operators. Chiefly, the proposed changes would allow drivers to pause their 14-hour clock for up to three consecutive hours and go off-duty in that time period, extending their on-duty window by the same amount.” – According to the article in and its author

“Drivers would be required to take a 10-hour off-duty break at the conclusion of their 14-hour on-duty hours after using the proposed pause option. The break must be at least 30 minutes long, under the proposal. Also, the 11-hour drive-time limit for an on-duty shift will remain. Allowing drivers to pause the 14-hour clock would help them avoid peak traffic hours, weather events and help “mitigate the effect … of long detention times,” according to notes within the proposal, which was announced Wednesday by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.” – Jaillet also wrote in his article

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