The costs of Bernie Sanders’ “green deal” to replace Diesel trucks with electric ones


Published by iTrucker at 28 Aug

The costs of Bernie Sanders’ “green deal” to replace Diesel trucks with electric ones

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2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders released details on his proposed $16.3 trillion Green New Deal on August 22. This deal would cover a range of industries with the common goal of reaching zero carbon emissions.- according to the article from and its author Alexandria Quevedo

“In his proposal, Sanders includes $216 billion to replace diesel-powered semi-trucks with electric trucks, $85.6 billion for electric vehicle charging, and $100 billion to place an $18,000 price cap on electric vehicles (EVs).

As envisioned, $216 billion would not be enough to replace all semi-trucks. Currently, Tesla advertises its electric semi for $200,000 – once the company is able to perfect and produce its trucks. Daimler has yet to release prices for its new electric vehicles, but the company did state that the trucks would be competitively priced with the non-electric versions of the models. One of those trucks would be the Freightliner eCascadia, which would be priced against the Freightliner Cascadia. Even at a competitive price, the eCascadia will likely cost over $160,000.

Sanders’ plan was also vague on his plan to place price caps on EVs. He allocated $100 billion in order to place a price cap of $18,000 per vehicle. If this includes all EVs, then he did not allocate nearly enough to cover the difference.” Quevedo also wrote in her article.

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Source and credits: / Alexandria Quevedo  and iTrucker  / Mario Pawlowski


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