Transporting wind turbines is not an easy task


Published by iTrucker at 27 Aug

Transporting wind turbines is not an easy task

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It takes a year of advance planning and up to 10 loads to move a single monster turbine.

“You’d think motorists driving down the highway would be able to see an oversize flatbed trailer carrying a massive 240-foot wind turbine blade.” – According to the article in the and its author Linda Baker

You’d think – wrong. “We’ve had people literally drive under the blade, not realizing the blade was there,” said Gene Lemke, vice president of projects at ATS, a Minnesota-based carrier.

“With the white blade and white sky – you have no idea how many times we hear, ‘I didn’t see it.’”

“Contending with hapless motorists is just one of the many challenges associated with transporting monster wind turbine shipments, a business that has soared in the past few years as wind farm installations have increased.

Many turbines are manufactured overseas, then shipped to U.S. ports, where they are transported by rail and truck to their final destination.”- Barker also wrote in her article.

Read the whole article and see all the incredible pictures HERE

Source and credits: / Linda Baker  and iTrucker  / Mario Pawlowski


Image: Jim Allen/FreightWaves

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