Truck drivers rank high among sleep-deprived workers, study says


Published by iTrucker at 29 Sep

Truck drivers rank high among sleep-deprived workers, study says

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The share of Americans who don’t get enough sleep is getting larger says a new study from Ball State University. Not only are professional drivers among those suffering the most, but they’re also seeing above-average growth each year in those reporting sleep deprivation.

From 2010 to 2018, the prevalence of inadequate sleep — seven hours or less — increased from 30.9% of respondents in 2010 to 35.6% in 2018, according to the study. No specific cause could be identified for the trend, said Jagdish Khubchandani, lead author and a health science professor at Ball State.

In 2018, professions with the highest levels of poor sleep were those in categories where 24-hour shift work is common: the police and military (50%), health care support (45%), transport and material moving (41%), and production (41%).

For those in the transport category, the share considered sleep-deprived rose from 32% in 2010 to 41% in 2018, an increase of 28%. The study did not say how many of those in the transport category are long-haul truck drivers. According to

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