Truckers are the ones who keep the NASCAR drivers racing


Published by iTrucker at 22 Aug

Truckers are the ones who keep the NASCAR drivers racing

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“Millions of NASCAR fans turn on their televisions or file into racetrack stands each year to take in all the action of a good race. What those fans don’t see is the preparation that goes into making a race successful.” – According to the article in the and its author Ashley Coker

“The race cars, and all the equipment and accessories that go along with them, have to move from racetrack to racetrack somehow. That is where truck drivers like Stewart-Haas Racing Transporter Scott Robbins come into play.

“I came down to be a mechanic, then I just slid into the truck driving part of it because it is more of what I know,” Robbins said. “I know trucks. I know how they work and how to get them down the road.”

For many truck drivers, moving NASCAR cars around the country sounds like a dream come true. Making sure the car makes it to the track on time is only one aspect of Robbins’ job, though. Once Robbins makes it to the track, he unloads his truck and gets to work helping the crew, running gasoline and making sure the truck is clean.” – Coker also wrote in her article.

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Source and credits: Ashley Coker, Editor at and iTrucker / Mario Pawlowski


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