Trucking utilization improves while prices remain suppressed


Published by iTrucker at 07 Sep

Trucking utilization improves while prices remain suppressed

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Like a heartbeat on an echo-cardiogram after a flat-line, trucking has found a pulse. After months of underperformance compared to 2018, volumes finally showed growth from a year-over-year perspective in August.

Unfortunately for carriers, these volumes did not translate to a significant increase in transportation prices, which would be well-timed leading into the upcoming bid season that typically occurs in the last few months of the year into January when many shippers place their transportation bids for the upcoming year.

But there is positive news, as the Logistics Manager’s Index (LMI) for transportation utilization increased for the second consecutive month in August. According to the article from the and its author Zach Strickland

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Chart of the Week: Logistics Managers Index — Transportation Utilization, Transportation Pricing (SONARLMI.TPUT, LMI.TPPR)

Source and credits: / Zach Strickland, FW Market Expert & Market Analyst /  iTrucker  / Mario Pawlowski  


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