UPS employees charged in decade long drug-smuggling case


Published by iTrucker at 28 Nov

UPS employees charged in decade long drug-smuggling case

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Story by: Vishnu Rajamanickam, Staff Writer @ FreightWaves


At least 11 UPS employees, including two supervisors and drivers, have been arrested on state charges of drug trafficking, based on a decade-long joint investigation by local, state, and federal law enforcement officials. The UPS employees are accused of helping smuggle huge volumes of drugs vaping oils from Mexico into the U.S., exploiting a vulnerability in the UPS distribution system.

This drug-trafficking operation reportedly was done by erasing the origin and destination of drug parcels and using UPS trucks to deliver them – circumventing security measures set in place to intercept drugs in the distribution network. In its statement, UPS said it was cooperating with law enforcement agencies, but refused to share further details, citing the ongoing investigation.

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Source and credits: / Vishnu Rajamanickam /  iTrucker  / Mario Pawlowski  

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