Watchdog agency clears EPA’s glider truck testing practices


Published by iTrucker at 06 Aug

Watchdog agency clears EPA’s glider truck testing practices

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Testing by federal regulators in 2017 that found air pollution from glider kits to be “many times” the level generated by new heavy-duty truck engines complied with approved standards, a government watchdog agency has found. – According to the article in and its author John Gallagher

A July 31 audit conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Inspector General (EPA OIG) also confirmed that EPA staff have not been directed to work on a 2017 proposed rule that would have exempted glider trucks from stricter Phase 2 emissions requirements. That means that a 300-truck per manufacturer cap on glider kits remains in place.- Gallagher also wrote in his article.

Glider kits are a way for truck owners to buy a new truck with a remanufactured engine, often at a significant discount from a new truck and engine combination.

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Source and credits: / John Gallagher, Washington Correspondent and Mario Pawlowski / iTrucker

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